Tanja Mayer, MD - Doctor Shaman

Trained by the leading School of Energy Medicine and Healing -
founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.

It is a great honour for me to be of service for all beautiful souls who long for true health, a meaningful life and purpose and a joyous spirit!

Shamanic Energy Medicine bridges ancient wisdom teaching with cutting-edge neuroscience to teach you how to bring about the life and health you have always dreamed of.


I have been working as a general physician in my private practice for 15 years. Chronic illnesses, depression, cancer and heart desease have become the biggest challenge in the last years. However, I have come to realize, that many so-called health problems are problems of the soul. When the soul heals, the body can also heal.

I am happy to assist you in this miraculous process!

I am happy to help you reconnect to your true life force for radiant health, meaningful relationships to all beings, and a joyful life!