individual sessions

Grow a New Body 1:1 Guidance

The amazing Grow a New Body health program developed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo combines ancient shamanic wisdom with cutting edge science so that you can make your health span equal your life span.


The Grow a New Body Program is based on upgrading the quality of your brain to create psychosomatic health. We know that our genes are only 5-10% determinants of our destiny. The remaining 90-95% is what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, how you forgive, how you love, how you laugh and how you dream your world into being.


The Grow a New Body Program premises:

  • You will heal your body with food.
  • You will upgrade your brain with neuronutrients.
  • You will know that what you eat and what you think determines how you feel, how you will grow old and how you will die. 

In this 1:1 program I will guide you over the course of 6-weeks to renew your body with cutting edge information on nutrition and supplements, how to detox correctly, and how to use spiritual practices to deepen the process. 


Included in the 1:1 guidance:

  • one medical consultation/evaluation
  • diet and meal plan
  • supplement plan
  • 2 shamanic energy medicine sessions
  • one check out consultation and maintenance protocol to continue your healthy lifestyle
  • online support to answer all your questions