about me

Tanja Mayer, MD

I was born and grew up in Austria in the middle of the mountains and have always been fascinated by the power of nature and animals.

My professional journey began within the corridors of traditional medicine. While the medical field equipped me with invaluable knowledge, I felt an innate pull towards exploring ancient healing methods that have taken me all over the world.
I now have a private practice for functional medicine and shamanic energy medicine in southern Germany, where I see patients from all over the world. My passion lies in empowering individuals to take an active role in their well-being. By merging the precision of modern medicine with shamanic practices, I aims to provide comprehensive solutions that nurture the body, mind and soul.
As a passionate shamanic practitioner I am also a teacher at the Four Winds Online Energy Medicine Training and Grow a New Body Program.
I am assisting Dr. Alberto Villoldo in the Grow a New Body Programs in Chile and Europe and am part of his medical team.



  • Medical School in Innsbruck/Austria and Freiburg/Germany
  • Certified homeopath by Dr. Dorsci in Vienna
  • Drama therapy and acting in Freiburg/Germany and New York City
  • Animal Communication with Amelia Kinkade
  • Energy Medicine Training for Animals with Sandra Wagner, Austria
  • Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner (Dr. Bradley Nelson)
  • Master Practitioner for Shamanic Energy Medicine 
    (Dr. Alberto Villoldo/The Four Winds)
  • Advanced Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner
    (Dr. Alberto Villoldo/The Four Winds)