about me

Tanja Mayer, MD

Hello dear friend!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born into the breathtaking nature of Tirol, Austria, and spent my entire childhood outdoors in the forests and on the mountains - always surrounded by animals.
I started my adult years in Medical School in Austria and after having graduated I left this path as I felt too young to be in such a "serious" environment. 
I went out into the world for my second passion: acting and teaching personal development and healing through drama. My projects with kids suffering from cancer, street youth, and youth in prison led me to North and South America, the UK, Spain, Turkey and Aserbaidschan. I lived in many different countries; in Canada I got the honour to be with the Cree Nation for a while. This is where I discovered my Shamanic roots and my deep passion for the ancient ways.

However, after 18 years of traveling, I settled in southern Germany and started a private practice for Naturopathic Medicine. But I was not happy... until I discovered the teachings of Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds. Now I feel home and practice as a Shamanic Healer full time. 
Serving as an assistant teacher in the Four Winds Online Energy Medicine Training.



  • Medical School in Innsbruck/Austria
  • Acting Training in Freiburg/Germany and New York
  • Animal Communication with Amelia Kinkade
  • Energy Medicine Training for Animals with Sandra Wagner, Austria
  • Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner (Dr. Bradley Nelson)
  • Master Practitioner for Shamanic Energy Medicine 
    (Dr. Alberto Villoldo/Four Winds)
  • Currently in the Four Winds Advanced Shamanic Energy Medicine Training  
  • Assistant Teacher at the Four Winds