individual sessions

Shamanic Energy Healing for Animals

I love animals! And I love to be of service to our animal friends. As animals have no mind to be in the way of healing, change can often be seen pretty fast after a healing session.

Our animal friends are often very connected to us and absorb energies and emotions, that are ours. As humans, they can also bring imprints from former life times into this life, they can be connected to former incarnations and they can also have lost soul parts or be affected by offensive energies. 

The work with animals is pretty similar to the ones with humans, except that I do the interview and the feedback with the animal caretaker.

I almost always work remotely with animals - however, your animal does not have to sit in front of the computer or phone :-)  


You can bring any topic to our session!

The energy work can consist of the following techniques:

  • Illumination
    (clearing of imprints from the energy field)
  • Extraction
    (extracting foreign/offensive energy from your energy field)
  • Soul Retrieval
    (bringing back a lost soul part)
  • Animal Communication
    (I can communicate with your animal to bring more clarity into your relationship - also with animals on the other side)
  • Death Rights
    Accompanying the animal to the other side)

If desired I also do:

  • House Clearing / stable clearing

Sessions are done on the phone or by Zoom.