individual sessions

Shamanic Energy Healing for Humans

Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions consist of an introductory interview, where we discuss your topics in a warm and open-hearted environment. 
This is followed by shamanic energy work where I journey on your behalf within Sacred Space to do the healing work that is necessary for you. 
In the end we discuss the process, I give you feedback on what I was able to retrieve as additional information that is valuable for you and we will see how you can integrate this into your life. 

You can bring any topic to our session!

The energy work can consist of the following techniques:

  • Illumination
    (clearing of imprints from the energy field)
  • Extraction
    (extracting foreign/offensive energy from your energy field)
  • Soul Retrieval
    (bringing back a lost soul part)
  • Divination
    (using oracle to find your destiny)
  • Destiny Retrieval
    (installing your highest destiny in your field)

If desired I also do:

  • House Clearing
  • Accompanying a person to the other side using the Death Rights

Sessions can be done in private in my practice, on the phone and by Zoom.