Individual Sessions

Join me for a Unique Healing Experience:
Integrative Shamanic Healing Session with a Doctor

Are you seeking a holistic approach to your well-being that combines the wisdom of shamanic healing with the expertise of modern medicine? Look no further! My individual sessions offer a profound and transformative healing journey that harmonizes both worlds.

What to Expect:

In this one-of-a-kind session, you will experience the best of both traditional and contemporary healing practices. Skilled in both medical science and shamanic healing, I will guide you through a comprehensive session designed to address your individual needs.


The Session Includes:

  1. Initial Assessment: Your session will begin with a thorough assessment of your physical and emotional health.

  2. Shamanic Healing Rituals: I will then lead you through shamanic rituals and energy work, connecting with ancient healing traditions to address spiritual and emotional aspects of your well-being.

  3. Energy Balancing: Through these rituals, you'll experience energy balancing and alignment, which can have a profound impact on your overall health and vitality.

  4. Customized Treatment: You will receive a personalized treatment plan that may include both conventional medical advice and shamanic healing recommendations.

  5. Integration and Guidance: You will receive guidance on how to integrate the healing experience into your daily life to maintain your well-being.

Why Choose This Session:

  • Holistic Healing: This approach takes into account the mind, body, and spirit, offering a holistic perspective on health and wellness.

  • Experienced Practitioner: You'll be in the capable hands of a licensed medical doctor and an experienced shamanic healer.

  • Customized Care: I will tailor the session to address your unique health and well-being goals.

  • Transformative Results: Experience profound shifts in your emotional and physical health as you tap into the power of ancient healing practices.

Book Your Session Today:

Embark on a healing journey that bridges the gap between modern medicine and shamanic wisdom. Rediscover balance, harmony, and vitality. Contact us to schedule your transformative session now.


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