Communicating with our Animal Friends

New class starts Feb 5, 2024

Hello beautiful Animal Lover!

How wonderful that you would like to understand your pet friend on a deeper level!
It is time that we consider our animal friends as valuable communication partners who can even teach us a lot about ourselves and life.

In this 4-week class I put together very effective techniques that help you tap into your clairvoyant senses and talk to your pet. Each week, I will be guiding you to enter deeper into the realm of telepathic communication. It will become a completely natural thing!

You will be receiving homework and we will talk about it in the following class. Everyone gets enough time to receive personal feedback - because only then you can learn and grow.

Animal communication is also a path of personal development.

Our animals can sometimes really shake our worldview and we need to be open to that. It's an honest, down-to-earth way to unlock the secrets of the world for ourselves.     
Trusting yourself and your perception is the main thing you will learn!






  • The five clairvoyant senses and how to access them
  • The Alpha Mind Technique
  • The Healing Garden


  • Intuition fine-tuning
  • First steps in animal communication
  • Animal communication ethical guidelines


  • Advanced steps in animal communication
  • Communicating with the animal's Higher Self
  • Communication with our own Higher Self


  • Communication with animals in the other realm
  • Q & A
  • Celebrating our success!

Live calls are Mondays 1pm ET (7pm CET) and last approx. 90 minutes
Feb 5, 12, 19, 26
Live calls are recorded and posted for life time viewing. This is essential as all the teaching is done in the live calls. 

Cost: € 180.-


For further information please contact me!


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